Guide On How To Organize A Stag Party

Orgainizing a stag party is quite easy as long as you keep it simple but to the party vibe. This is a bachelors party or a husband to be party. This means that its the last kind of party you will have before marriage. During this party you are doing this in celebration that after you tie the not there are somethings that you cannot do.Though its their last party as being a bachelor the bachelor needs to respect your woman as you have been before you puts a ring on her finger and says I do.

As you organize the party there are some few things you need to always consider. They may include:

1. Who is attending

You need to have a checklist of the invited people in the list. They can be your close buddies who have seen you through everything in life. They know you well and hence they should celebrate with you this last day as a bachelor. You actually may owe them alot since they have supported you all the way through till you went down on one knee.

2. When

A pre-planned date has to be set for he party. This will always you to make a budget allocation and choose a proper venue for the party. It also allows you to collect money for the party before the date and pay the bills. Choosing the date before also ensures that you will be able to confirm peoples availability for the date and will not disappoint you. You will also make them change their schedules and make a time allocation for them to party with you.

3. Venue of the event

Once you have secured a date you can now choose a venue. The venue should be comfortable for the whole squad so that they have no excuse on missing out. You may choose a place where all of you share memories with. Its the ideal location as

4. Stag activities and costume

a stag party is no party with no activity to remember the day. You need to choose an activity that you will always remember and have fun on. The activity should have a costume theme so that you can look like clowns or embarrassing enough to remember the day. The more embarrassing it is the funnier the day is for you guys. The groom needs to be the at ease though with the activity so that he can enjoy his party.

5. Pay the bills and attend

There is no party without paying for it. You need to pay for the bills first so that the party can become a reality. Once you have paid all that is left is you to attend the party and make memories out of it. The stag party needs to be attended on time to ensure you have fun to the fullest. You can choose a common ride to pick you up and drop you to the venue. This will ensure that you and your squad get there on time and a whole group.