Planning a Fun Stag Do

Stag parties are supposed to be fun. This is because as the groom is getting married this is the last resort he will be blowing off steam with. It should be a party like no other. Even though it is fun it should be responsibly as you do not want to screw up a day or two before the wedding. This is why you should do it in a way that the bride will feel appreciated as you clearly love her and that is why you went down on one knee and proposed to her.

As you organize the stag party there are a number of issues you need to do at so that it can be successful. The groom has only one stag party as he is tying the knot with his lifetime lover. What do you need to do so that the party can be quite a success? Here is a guide to that:

1. Choose a location

There is no party with no venue. The place has to be one that is convenient for everyone. One that is easily accessible as you do not want people to stress on arriving or be late for the party. It should be a place that you will have fun and lots of it depending on your view of it. You can choose a club if you are a party animal, a garden if you are the formal kind of guy or your house and just get into the party mode.

2. Decide on the activity of the day

Once you have venue you can now decide on the activity of the day. You cannot choose the activity before the venue as you need to know party vibe. You cannot choose the a barbecue kind of party then choose the venue to be in a club. The venue should come first always. After this decide on what your party theme will be about. The activity should be all engaging so that you and your guys will have the last of your bachelorhood party to remember. You can decide to choose a crazy idea like booze in a strip club or if you are the low-key kind of a guy go for a barbecue one at your place.

3. Date of the stag party

Once you have decided on the venue and activity choose a date for your stag party. The date has to be a day or two before the wedding at least. This will help you relax and get now into the wedding vibe. Another good thing about choosing the date early is that you will confirm that the venue will be available for you to be hosted there if ou are renting space.

4. Budget

This is last phase of the the pre-planning phase of the party. You need to have a budget based on the numbers attending your party. You need to sit down with your squad.Make a budget that matches the activity of the day and venue as they have been with you all through and are there still to see you through. Your budget needs to be something you can manage so that your party becomes a reality

5. Pay and attend

Once you have a budget now all that is left is paying for the venue if you are hiring and attend your party. Make sure you are responsible but have a blast out of it. This is your last party as a bachelor this means that blowing off steam is allowed but only responsibly.